General Questions

What is the commitment level like in travel baseball?
The Gulf Coast Knights will be practicing 2-3 times a week consistently. The benefit we have in our organization is that we will not be contending with other teams to reserve field time. Having our own practice facility allows for pre planned practice schedules for months out.

How many tournaments do we play in a month and typically where?
We will be pre registering in tournaments for the whole season in advance. There should be at least 1-2 tournaments a month and mostly played in the Sarasota/Bradenton Florida Area. When this team progresses we will hope to register in some elite type of tournaments that will showcase some of the greatest talent that Florida has to offer.

What are the costs associated with travel baseball?
There will be an initial signup fee that will be determined prior the June 1st 2019. This fee will cover uniforms and gear for your son. Each tournament that we play in has an initial "TEAM" registration fee ranging from $150.00 - $350.00...there is also umpire fees due at each game of $40.00. With some help from the parents and players....we should collectively work on planning out some fundraisers to pay for all of these fees.

DISCLAIMER ***If fund raising is not done...these fees are added all up and split evenly amongst the total amount of players brought to the tournament. IE:

$150.00 tournament registration fee $ 40.00 x 3 game min = $120.00

Total $270.00 divided by 10 players (example) = $27.00 due for each player.

Playing Time?
This is the extremely difficult topic around all of sports these days. Travel Baseball is treated like a business and is coached to win each and every game. There is absolutely NO guarantee on playing time. Our philosophy is that we believe in each player we draft and it is mutual that with good coaching and hard work from the player...they should NEVER have to worry about playing time.

How many games do you play a weekend?
Travel baseball is played of the course of Saturday and Sunday. Saturdays games are played to seed you team for the Sunday single elimination day. On a really BAD tournament where we don't win our first game on Sunday...we will play the 3 guaranteed games the tournament offers.

Can my child participate in both little league and travel baseball?
Yes, however playing on a travel-caliber baseball team is a commitment that should be considered carefully. Knights players are expected to attend all games and a minimum of 90% of practices. You will find that most players end up playing travel baseball exclusively because of the level of play and the commitment involved.

Are the travel expenses included in the fees?
No. All travel expenses are paid for by the player. The team most certainly can plan in advance to get group buys on hotels and/or fundraise to have expenses paid for.